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Black soldier fly-derived products made from recycled food waste

As per customer request, Hive Pro technology delivers a variety of high-quality black soldier flies-derived ingredients made from recycled food waste such as bread, fruits, vegetables, and many others. The Bio team runs a Bio Feasibility to develop the optimal feed recipe for the black soldier fly larvae. All the black soldier’s flies’ end-products are then sent to an external laboratory to ensure the quality and nutritional values of their content so that the clients can make the best use of it. Type Characteristics Applications De-Fat protein powder – Balanced amino acid profile– Very good digestibility > 85%– Highly palatable – In pet food products, given its nutritional profile andhypoallergenic properties– In fish feed for high growth performance, a goodfeed conversion rate, and a good gut health– In shrimp feed as an attractant for better feed intake– In broiler and pig feed for better nutrient digestionand  productive performances Fat – High in lauric acid that has antibacterial and antiviral properties– An easily digestible source of energy.– Naturally palatable – In piglet feed for improved feedintake and better gut health.– In broiler feed with productive performances Fertilizer – High organic matter (>85%) with nitrogen andminerals.– Contains chitin that improves the defensemechanisms of plants.– Slow and constant nutrient release over time.– Safe and ready to be applied on the field. – In soil amendments for farms, gardens,horticulture, and greenhouse.– In low fertile soil (acid and sandy soil) withsatisfactory results.– In crop production for higher yields. Fresh Larvae – Fresh larvae– Frozen or alive – Treats for pets– Treats for fish, poultry, or, pigs Dry Larvae – Easily digestible  – Pet food Snacks.– Bird and Reptile food  Puree – Easy digestible– Good source of energy  – Canned Pet food  Insect-derived end-products. Get in touch with our sales team and book your Bio feasibility assessment here.

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Livin Farms partners with Weda

We are delighted to share that we have partnered up with Weda, the world leader in liquid feeding systems. The WEDA liquid feeding system adapted

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