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We deliver end to end insect farming services

LIVIN farms organic waste recycling machine

Insect Breeding and Rearing Factory

Our feed processing line and our robotic handling system process your organic food waste into insect feed. The Hive PRO technology allows you to grow baby larvae on-site within only 1 week and then processes them into insect-derived end products for sale.

Black soldier fly larvae

Seedling deliveries

We support you at the start of your Black Soldier Fly Larvae colony, so you can focus only on rearing (“fattening”). We ship on a weekly basis high-quality 1-day-old Black Soldier Fly baby larvae (neonates) to your doorstep.

Insect Factory

Bio Feasibility

Our Bio feasibility analyses your waste in industrial conditions and delivers cost and performance-optimised feed substrate for insect rearing. The completed feasibility analysis allows project stakeholders to make low-risk decisions.

LIVIN farms electronics

Engineering and hardware solutions

Our engineering and hardware solution services include research and feasibility, support in the planning, equipment purchase, hardware configuration, testing, maintenance, and ongoing support of your insect factory.

About Us

Livin Farms has launched several insect technology products on the market. Our Hive PRO Insect Factory is a turn-key solution for the food, feed and recycling industries. Seeded with Seedlings (baby larvae), Hive PROs turn industrial quantities of organic wastes into insect products for the feed and agricultural market.


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