Full time (similar position also available for part-time, internships & thesis projects)

Location: Vienna

Livin Farms is the human-centric insect company. 

Our vision is to empower humans to co-create lives that are healthy for the people and sustainable for the planet. 

We are an international startup, commercializing the tools for insect farmers at various scales to grow and harvest insects as an ingredient for sustainable food applications as well as fertilizer.

We have exciting new projects coming up with big partnerships and are looking for you!

As entomologist / biologist at Livin Farms you:

  • will be leading in the biological aspects of the R&D progress to grow insects for food applications 
  • will become a leader in the field of insect breeding for food applications
  • will work closely with our technical team to adjust existing or develop new mechanisms and technologies for insect breeding (main species: Tenebrio molitor
  • will design and test experimental trials and setups
  • will conduct and monitor insect breeding
  • will manage research projects
  • will be key in co-developing technologies for the fast-paced insect industry
  • will be part of a great work environment and a highly ambitious team


  • You have a relevant degree in Science: Entomology / Biology
  • You have experience in breeding insects
  • You have experience in experimental insect breeding trials
  • You have a hands-on attitude to learning and experimentation
  • You are able to formulate research strategies and their objectives based on required commercial applications
  • You are excited to join a young, international team 
  • You have a high level of independence and organizational skills
  • You are proficient in English, in speaking and writing

Please send your CV, any relevant research papers you wrote and a short paragraph on your motivation to us via contact@livinfarms.com

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Livin Farms adventures around the world from China to the US

Livin Farms adventures around the world from China to the US

HAX office, Shenzhen: R&D opportunities in China

HAX office, Shenzhen: R&D opportunities in China