In November 2015 we launched a 60-days crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to give people the possibility to pre-order our newly developed LIVIN farms Hive and help to finance manufacturing this insect growing farm for your home! We successfully got funded thanks to 830 backers from all over the world who supported us with more than $145.000 !


Now our Hive is available on pre-order!


We are working intensively to ship our Hive on November 2016.

See the video for our Kickstarter campaign here:





With the LIVIN farms Hive you can grow healthy and sustainable food in the form of insects in your home! With our beautiful and functional desktop hive for edible insects you can grow 200-500 g of protein-rich super food mealworms!

The beautiful Hive in a kitchen!

The beautiful Hive in a kitchen!

This replaces about the same amount of protein that you would otherwise consume in 500g of meat, animal products or other protein foods. Feed your mealworms sustainably on vegetable scraps from your kitchen and always know 100% what you eat.

Grow delicious and healthy insects in your home!


You can feed the mealworms with your kitchen scraps!


In the separation cylinder all the dirt will be filtered out and can be used as fertilizer!

The pupae filtered out in the separation cylinder are put back into the top to close the lifecycle and to have continuous production of new food.



Why grow and eat insects?



Well, first of all they taste great!  But there is more to it:

Growing sustainable food is one of the greatest challenges of our century. We need new methods and technologies to feed the world!

1/3 of valuable fertile croplands are currently used only to feed the grains harvested to animals, 80% of antibiotics worldwide flow into livestock production. While seeking alternatives to industrially produced foods, many of us would prefer to avoid GMOs or pumping animals full of hormones. 

Our passion is to empower you to be independent, grow your own healthy food and always know exactly what you eat.



Mealworms - a combination of the best!


Mealworms are healthy and good for the planet! They combine the best of meat and plant-based proteins: with a similar protein content to red meats like beef and the beneficial amino-acid profile of tofu. They are also packed with vitamins and enzymes to keep you healthy. Our design-driven approach and innovative technology empowers you to produce your own food with an efficient, pleasant and clean process.




We have done lots of taste and cooking experiments. Their taste is quite neutral with a bit of a nutty flavor. This allows to mix them into all sorts of recipes. Make them crispy as a snack, sweet or savory as an insect meat patty for your burger. Once we get funded, we will build a community platform and blog to help you start this food revolution!

The LIVIN farms online platform provides recipes, processing suggestions, setup guidance, tips & help and let´s you share your experiences!





The life of a happy mealworm!

The life of a happy mealworm!


The mealworm is the larval stage of the meal beetle (Tenebrio molitor). The adult beetles mate and lay eggs of which little mealworm babies hatch. These grow into a mealworm of the size you like to eat (ca. 3cm long).  Some of them will transform into pupae and be separated once you activate the harvest process. The pupae will become beetles again. That´s why you put them into the pupation chamber again to restart your lifecycle.



Low Maintenance and easy to clean


Here you see an overview of how the Hive is operated. You only have to feed each drawer and activate the harvest once a week.

Step 1: Feed your mealworms

Step 2: Every week, your mealworms travel one tray down as they mature

Step 3: Once a week, activate Harvest Button!

Step 4: Harvest your clean worms!

Step 5: Once a week, empty dirt bins to clean system

Step 6: Once a week put pupae back into top to restart lifecycle


X-Ray of the separation area: constant crawl-off into harvest drawer!



Harvest time!


Freeze the insect before cooking!


Now you can prepare them in whatever way you want: roast, fry, grind, bake ...



How do i start growing in my hive?

With your exclusive mealworm starter kit! 

The starterkit with live worms to start growing in your hive comes in a pretty and safe package! When you receive your Hive you also receive our specially designed starter pack of mealworms. You will place these mealworms in the pupation compartment in the top drawer, add in some oats and vegetable scraps, and then the mealworms will mature into adult beetles in a few days. 

These adults begin mating, once you see tiny mealworms in the drawer, you can begin feeding oats and vegetable scraps. From then on, every week the mealworms will be lowered using our mechanisms. Once the mealworms reach the 6th drawer, you can begin your weekly harvest. This entire process of populating your hole Hive for a weekly full harvest should take approximately 8-9 weeks.