What is the HIVE™ ?


"Empowering you to be independent, grow your own healthy food and always know exactly what you eat. "

With the LIVIN farms Hive you can grow healthy and sustainable food in the form of insects in your home!

With our beautiful and functional desktop Hive for edible insects you can grow protein-rich super food mealworms.

Download a preview of our manual covering functionalities and details here.

You can substitute or replace the amount of protein that you would otherwise consume in the same amount of meat or other protein rich foods. Feed your mealworms sustainably on vegetable scraps from your kitchen and always know 100% what you eat.

And it is not a lot of effort! Our tech and design empowers you to produce your own food with an efficient, pleasant and clean process.

The Hive™ is patent protected.


Good for the planet

Growing sustainable food is one of the greatest challenges of our century. We need new methods and technologies to feed the world.

1/3 of valuable fertile croplands are currently used only to feed the grains harvested to animals, 80% of antibiotics worldwide flow into livestock production. While seeking alternatives to industrially produced foods, many of us would prefer to avoid GMOs or pumping animals full of hormones. 

Good for your palate

We have eaten mealworms for years and shared them with our friends and families. During this time, we have done lots of taste and cooking experiments. Everybody loved their nutty flavor and crispy texture. This allows to mix them into all sorts of recipes. Make them crispy as a snack, sweet or savory as an insect meat patty for your burger. 

Good for your health

Mealworms are nutritious. They combine the best of meat and plant-based proteins: with a similar protein content to red meats like beef and the beneficial amino-acid profile of tofu. They are also packed with vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy.