The Hive™

$ 699 ......$ 599

Start a food revolution out of your kitchen with the Hive™ and grow healthy, delicious and sustainable mealworms in your home.

What it includes :

  • The Hive™ desktop farm
  • 1 starter kit to start growing your colony (EU,US,Canada,China and HK only)
  • 1 Hive™ manual
  • Our unconditional love through personal online support (We speak English, German and French)

Download our Hive™ manual to discover the current model and all the functionalities.

Shipping in May/June 2017

We ship in Europe, US, Canada, Australia and Asia. Our shipping costs cover a safe transportation, tracking and insurance.




Roasted MicroFoods™

$ 30 ......$ 25

Cooked with love for you! Simply roasted with a pinch salt, our roasted MicroFoods™ will be love at first taste! We prepare them just as we love them! Have them as a crunchy healthy appetizer, a topping for salad or as snack. With their nutty aroma and crunchiness, they will become your new favorite snack!

It includes :

  • A jar of 50 g of roasted mealworms
  • A personalized postcard with insect dish recipe, designed exclusively by us for you

Ingredients : Roasted mealworms, salt

Nutritional information per 100 gr : Calories 550 kcal, Proteins 45g, Fatty acids : 37.2 g (saturated 9.0 g, monounsaturated 17.3 g, polyunsaturated 10.9g) Carbohydrates 5.4 g, Fibres 6.5g , Sugar 0g, Salt 5g.

Insects raised for human consumption in Europe and cooked in Austria

Warning : People who are allergic to dust mites and shellfish may also be allergic to insects.

Hive™ Book

$ 39

With our exclusive printed Hive™ Book, cooking mealworms is as easy as ABC. You'll become a real "insect-chef"! You will also be able to discover our exciting journey of creating the Hive™

Our exclusive printed Hive™ Book includes :

  • A guide on to how to cook mealworms
  • Our proven favorite recipes that we have cooked, eaten and shared
  • Exclusive background infos and photos of the Hive™ development

Shipping in May/June 2017