Black soldier fly larvae

Seedling Deliveries

Black Soldier Fly (BSF)

Insects ferociously eat waste resources and upcycle them into valuable nutrients for animals and humans. Since no fertile land is needed for their production, they are a promising and sustainable new source compared to today’s main protein alternatives. Some species, such as the BSF, are well-suited for rearing on a large scale.  Livin Farms supports you in starting a black soldier fly breeding colony at an industrial scale.

Black soldier flies

Black Soldier Fly Life Cycle

Livin Farms flies larvae can grow on a large variety of wet and dry feedstock. They prefer their feedstock as a “slurry” (70% moisture). They have a very fast lifecycle, in fact, the feeding time also known as the rearing stage of the larvae takes only up to 7 days. The big advantage of the BSF is that they naturally live in high densities environments, which makes rearing them space efficient and they also can recover up to 70% of proteins from their feeds. They are rich in proteins, lipids, and minerals. Black soldier flies larvae do not eat, sting, or bite when they are adult flies. Therefore, they are not a pest. They also do not survive cold winters outdoors therefore posing no bio-risk for temperate climate zones.    

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