This might be the first question you're asking yourself. If it's the case don't worry you're not the only one, we met thousands of people and this question came often. We are more and more aware of food's impact on our health and on the planet. Our current habits and consumptions patterns are not sustainable; wether or small or large scale. That's where our mealworms come as a solution! But, let's be honest, we eat them because we love to. More than sustainable and nutritious, we find them delicious. The question would rather be : Why not eat insects?


It will depend on how you prepare them. Simply roasted in a pan or baked in the oven and they will have a mild and pleasant nutty aroma. We hear often from you that they taste like sunflower seeds, peanuts or pumpkin seeds... Try and give us your feedback; we would love hear your impression.


On fresh matter, mealworms contain between 20 and 22 grams of complete protein per 100grams. That's approximately the same amount than in other high-proteins food such as beans, meat or fish. They also contain essential fatty acids. But that's not all, they also contain more fibers than grains and are very rich in vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B1, B2, B12, zinc, iron and magnesium. Our MicroFoods™ are roasted mealworms, all the water content has been sucked out. There, they are a real pure concentrate of proteins, vitamins and minerals!


Insects are arthropods just as shellfishes and dust mites; therefore they can share some common allergens and a cross-allergy can occur. The topic of insects and allergies still need further researches, but as a precaution principle, we recommend that people who are allergic to shellfishes and dust mites should not eat insects. For more information; please read our blog post about allergies.


When mealworms are simply roasted, just as our MicroFoods™, they will have a nutty flavor and a crunchy texture. They will therefore be a perfect healthy snack for your craving or to share with your friends. But that's not all, they will be a perfect match with a large variety of different foods; as for example for your pasta, risotto, soup or salads. You can also turn them into a powder and add them to your regular flour and make nutty and nutritious pancakes and pastries.

  • Do you have recipes for it?

We made lots of cooking experiments, we still eat them on a regular basis and we are sharing some of our experiments with you throughout our blog, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Connect with us so you won't miss any of them ! 

  • Are vegetarian/vegan allowed to eat mealworms?

Let's be honest, Vegans and vegetarian are "allowed" to eat anything. The question would rather be : "Do I accept to eat mealworms ?" The choice is upon them ! If you don't eat meat or animal products for environmental reasons, you might be find it suitable to eat insects. If it's for the health reason, as said previously mealworms are very nutritious and contain few saturated fat. If it's an ethical choice, the current scientific consensus emits some doubts regarding insects pain and emotion, so it might also be okay for you. Or you just simply don't want to eat any animal, and it's your choice and we respect it ! (If you want to speak more deeply about the topic, send a message to our team member Florian, he doesn't eat meat and is always eager to learn more and exchange his ideas about the topic)