Revamping the Food Supply Chain – Empowering One Farmer at a Time

Livin Farms - The Human-Centric Insect Company

Our vision

"Empowering humans to co-create lives that are healthy for the people and sustainable for the planet"

Our mission

"We make available the tools (incubator and separation technology) and infrastructure to grow, harvest and market insects as an ingredient for sustainable food applications and high-value fertilizer."


As we dispatch into hundreds of households in 38+ countries, we are grateful to empower such a strong and creative community who supported this movement. At Livin Farms, empowering others are our core belief

We are empowering people to

  1. Make a conscious decision into their food supply chain
  2. Maximize their resources (circular economy)
    • introduce food waste to mealworms to upcycle into high-quality food
    • utilize the mealworms’ waste as high-value fertilizers

Our focus is the people and the community since they are the ones who will be able to make a change in their home, their community, their country, and eventually their world. This is the beginning to many visionaries of taking a proactive role into their food supply chain.

New farmer said, “Your relationship with food really changes…[the Hive] starts to make you make healthier decisions.”

Are you ready to join the movement and start farming?