16 Quotes from our Early Adopters

We can give you many reasons why we believe and pursue the vision of the Hive™ and the idea of eating insects. But what is even more relevant to us, is what YOU are saying about this idea and why YOU believe in us; that means everything to us.

So, here is a selection of 16 quotes of you who backed our MicroFoods™ or our Hive™. We just love your creativity, vision and ideas.


"I believe in insects as a food source for a sustainable future. Today."
- Dan - (Sweden)

"Protein power. Enough said."
- Marshall - (United states)
"I feel it as my responsibility to search for ways how to decrease my impact on the Earth"  
- Martin  - (Czech Republic)

"Food sovereignty starts with one worm at a time"
-  Maximilian - (Austria)

"I backed the Livin Farms Hive project to build skills and knowledge that could be useful for settling on Mars."
- Christian - (Denmark)
"I love what you're doing.  I want to rely only on myself for animal protein and this will help a great deal.  I'm not very good at hunting."
- Tim - (Canada)

"This provides food in a manner suitable for me: self-produced, sustainable, affordable, nutritious, and easy."
- Mikko - (Finland)

"The Entomology Club at the University of Florida, #UFBUGS, is excited about teaching others about micro-livestock, a sustainable and healthy food source."
- Rebecca - (US)

"I'll be running a farm in a city apartment."
- Garfield - (France)

"I'm all about diversity and I care about sustainability and food safety, this is but one small step... with a big vision."
- Stephan  - (Malaysia)
"It gives me hope for a sustainable future."
- Drew - (US)

"We have no energy, space and water to go with meat production as we do now - we need to change our food production scheme."
- Krzysztof - (Poland)

"One day we'll look back and it will all look so obvious."
- Benjamin - (France)

"Insects are the new kale"
- Henning - (China) (We've might already seen this somewhere ;) )

"The protein chain is a serious polluter and extremely difficult - yet essential - to change if we want to live sustainably"
- Gerald - (Netherlands)

"I thought the two cofounders were cute."
- Felix - (US)

It's not over : The hive is still available to pre-order!

Even if the Kickstart campaign is over, the Hive™ is still available to pre-order in our shop. It will be shipped in November 2016.


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