Hi, welcome to our blog!


We are proud to announce that we now have a brand new blog! It's a good way to keep in touch, bring the latest news to you on our products and also to simply share some stories. Speaking about news...

Fresh Livin news

  • First of all, our team is growing. You can now see a new face in our team section. Florian Nock has joined us and he will be in charge of taking care of all of you (Hi, it's me writing this post, don't worry, you're in safe hands! You may even have read some of my articles about edible insects). He will also be the main voice writing on the blog and engaging with you. Like all of us, he will be really busy in order to provide you with a great Hiveexperience, with fresh mealworms and overall make you happy!
  • Secondly; to our dear backers; please fill out our survey. It will allow us to send you the right product to the right place (Even if you like your neighbor, we're sure that you won't be happy if he got your delicious MicroFoods) O and Oops: there is a little mistake in the survey, if you only bought one product, just send us a message or add a comment in the comment section of the survey and don't worry we will take note!

  • For not overwhelming and confusing you; Livin farms now got its own Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account. You can follow and like us here just here :

  • We still got a lot of requests about our first project : the "Farm432". We are still interested, as you, in the black soldier fly, but we are currently entirely focused and dedicated on the Hive. The Hive will be the first device to let you grow your own fresh edible mealworms right in your kitchen, and it will be available soon for growing a food revolution! You can already pre-order it in our shop.
  • We also add a contact section! You're now one click far from us, so feel free to contact us! 

That's all for the news for the moment, not bad for a beginning; so, what's next?

What you'll find on Livin farms blog

We are currently working hard to finish the development of the Hive. It will let you grow some fresh, delicious and crunchy mealworms that you will be able to cook and share with you friends & family. There is another important thing, the stories that are told, shared and remembered around these meals. And this is also the purpose of this blog.

If you already have a story to share, for example your motivation on why you got a Hive™ or MicroFoods™ then please send us a note.

Take care and see you soon and don't forget to leave a comment!


Florian and the Livin Farms team