Black soldier fly-derived products made from recycled food waste

As per customer request, Hive Pro technology delivers a variety of high-quality black soldier flies-derived ingredients made from recycled food waste such as bread, fruits, vegetables, and many others. The Bio team runs a Bio Feasibility to develop the optimal feed recipe for the black soldier fly larvae. All the black soldier’s flies’ end-products are […]

What is a Bio feasibility?

Do you want to turn your industrial food waste into profit through insect farming? Well, if you said yes, the first step in this journey is to analyze the quality of the available substrates, also called Bio Feasibility.  Our customers are invited to send us their industrial food waste to our processing facility in Vienna, […]

Environmental Issues that Insect Farming Can Fix

Here is how insect farming may be the answer to at least 3 of the major malfunctioning in our food systems. Problem #1 – Food waste Every year, In the EU alone, we throw away 3.5 million tons of bakery waste, 3.4 million tons of spent grains from breweries, and a whopping 53 million tons […]

Insect frass fertilizer achieves +17% Yield in southeast Austria

Over the past months, we have been testing our insect frass fertilizer in the southeast region of Austria. The results have shown the positive effect of the use of Wurmgold.  At the beginning of the summer season, we conducted a test where we added our insect-pelletized fertilizer to a field of organic soybean. Our fertilizer […]

Insect-based pet food is tomorrow’s solution!

Larvae protein powder

Many factors argue in favor of significant development in the world consumption of insects over the next few years, in particular, because of their nutritional and environmental interests. For several decades, we have been facing a gradual depletion of the planet’s resources while our numbers have only increased. We must then, as humans, find new […]

What is the circular economy?

The concept of the circular economy consists of producing goods and services in a sustainable way by limiting the consumption and waste of resources and the production of waste. This model is based on the creation of positive value loops with each use or reuse of the material or product before final destruction. The pattern […]

WURMGOLD, Insect fertilizer

WURMGOLD consists of black soldier fly frass that has been sustainably bred on pre-consumer organic food waste.  Why use organic insect fertilizer? The nitrogen in WURMGOLD is organically bound and is readily available to plants. Insect fertilizer is an immune boost for your plants. In fact, the natural bacteria in the insect gut make the […]

Insect farming: a way to reduce food waste

LIVIN farms larvae

The consumption of insects could develop in the years to come, in particular since the FAO promotes it widely. One of the reasons for this is that using insects derived protein products has a reduced impact on the environment. In addition, the population is expected to increase from 7 to 9 billion by 2050 while […]

All you need to know about the Black Soldier fly

Larvae close up

What if Hermetia illucens, the black soldier fly was THE solution to reduce our organic waste, limit food waste and revolutionise the animal feed market? The black soldier fly  has the size and large spotted eyes of a gadfly, its antennae could make it mistaken for a Hymenoptera, but this fly is harmless. Thanks to […]