MHP Eco Energy and LIVIN Farms create BSF PIONEER

BSF PIONEER: Revolutionising Insect Protein Production with Sustainable Feed Innovation for Black Soldier Fly Larvae, MHP Eco Energy and LIVIN Farms create BSF PIONEER Towards an exciting innovation in the insect protein industry, we have joined forces with MHP Eco Energy to create a groundbreaking product: BSF PIONEER, the world’s first standardised rearing feed designed […]

Livin Farms partners with Weda

We are delighted to share that we have partnered up with Weda, the world leader in liquid feeding systems. The WEDA liquid feeding system adapted for insect breeding originally comes from pig feeding. It has proven itself there for decades and is modularly scalable. The system allows the use of very different substrates and can […]

Livin Farms partners with Kusters Engineering

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Royal Dutch Kusters, an engineering company offering innovative separation technology.  Our Hive Pro technology enables various substrates from bakery waste, to fruits and vegetables to be transformed into feed for the black soldier fly larvae. Due to the various content of the substrates we use, the moisture […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Livin Farms

Livin Farms Insect factory

What is the Mission of LIVIN Farms? Our mission is to empower the food, feed, and recycling industry to turn their industrial low-value organic waste into high-value insect protein products. We develop, build and commercialize disruptive technology to transform food waste into high-quality ingredients for feed, food, and fertilizer. What are the problems that Livin […]

What you need to know about feed for Insects in the European Union

Black soldier flies

Black soldier fly larvae and insects in the European Union in general, have gained a lot of interest in the marketplace, because of their potential to convert waste into protein.  Outside of the European Union, regulations around insects used as animal feed is rather flexible. For example, in most parts of Asia, Black soldier larvae […]

The EU has authorized a third insect for human consumption

LIVIN farms larvae

Europe is taking another step towards the consumption of insects. In a press release, the European Commission announced that it had authorized the marketing of defatted powder from Acheta Domesticus (house crickets) for the food market. It is the third species of insect to receive approval from European authorities, after the mealworm and the migratory […]

Black soldier fly-derived products made from recycled food waste

As per customer request, Hive Pro technology delivers a variety of high-quality black soldier flies-derived ingredients made from recycled food waste such as bread, fruits, vegetables, and many others. The Bio team runs a Bio Feasibility to develop the optimal feed recipe for the black soldier fly larvae. All the black soldier’s flies’ end-products are […]

What is a Bio feasibility?

Insect Factory

Do you want to turn your industrial food waste into profit through insect farming? Well, if you said yes, the first step in this journey is to analyze the quality of the available substrates, also called Bio Feasibility.  Our customers are invited to send us their industrial food waste to our processing facility in Vienna, […]

Environmental Issues that Insect Farming Can Fix

Here is how insect farming may be the answer to at least 3 of the major malfunctioning in our food systems. Problem #1 – Food waste Every year, In the EU alone, we throw away 3.5 million tons of bakery waste, 3.4 million tons of spent grains from breweries, and a whopping 53 million tons […]

Insect frass fertilizer achieves +17% Yield in southeast Austria

Over the past months, we have been testing our insect frass fertilizer in the southeast region of Austria. The results have shown the positive effect of the use of Wurmgold.  At the beginning of the summer season, we conducted a test where we added our insect-pelletized fertilizer to a field of organic soybean. Our fertilizer […]