Bio feasibility testing: turning industrial food waste into profit

Do you want to turn your industrial food waste into profit through insect farming?

Then let’s dive into bio feasibility testing, the ground factor on the journey of turning industrial food waste into profitOur customers are invited to send us their industrial food waste to our processing facility in Vienna, Austria. After the arrival of the substrates, the following steps will be conducted by our experts.

Starting this year we’re conducting bio feasibility testing using our custom innovative feedline from WEDA which enhances our capabilities by processing customer feed through an on-site liquid feeding system for BSF larvae.

Stage 1: Physical Assessment

It all  begins with a thorough evaluation of the physical properties of incoming substrates. This crucial initial step sets the foundation for the entire process.

Stage 2: Crafting Feed Recipes

In the second stage, we create diverse feed recipes using your ingredients. Rigorous lab-scale testing helps us identify the feed with the highest bioconversion potential and optimises rearing parameters for top-quality end products.

Stage 3: Industrial Scale-Up

In the third stage, the chosen feed undergoes testing at an industrial scale. Our state-of-the-art rearing facility in Vienna allows us to fine-tune processes for large-scale operations, while Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering’s innovative separation solution, the Rotoshifter, ensures top-quality separation of larvae from frass.

Stage 4: Quality Assessment

Following Stage 3, we process and assess the final products – protein powder, extracted lipids, and pelletized frass. Certified laboratory analysis provides vital datasheets for products obtained at an industrial scale.

Once the bio feasibility testing is complete, we offer tailored recommendations based on your unique needs and substrates.

Join us on this transformative journey, harnessing insect farming for turning industrial food waste into not only profit but a sustainable and responsible solution for a better future. Curious about your feed formula’s efficiency and pumpability? Get a free quote! Contact us today to get started.

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