MHP Eco Energy and LIVIN Farms create BSF GROWER

LivinFarms Product nov 2023

BSF GROWER: Revolutionising Insect Protein Production with Sustainable Feed Innovation for Black Soldier Fly Larvae, MHP Eco Energy and LIVIN Farms create BSF GROWER

Towards an exciting innovation in the insect protein industry, we have joined forces with MHP Eco Energy to create a groundbreaking product: BSF GROWER, the world’s first standardised rearing feed designed specifically for Black Soldier Fly Larvae (BSF). Our collaboration revolutionises the insect protein industry, offering a sustainable, low-emission feed customised for efficient insect larvae growth, opening vast opportunities for sustainable protein production.

MHP Eco Energy, a prominent biogas producer in Ukraine and a subsidiary of MHP, a leading global agricultural producer has partnered with LIVIN Farms. This strategic alliance aims to create a low-emission feed blend crucial for nurturing black soldier fly larvae during their primary rearing phase, optimised to drive exponential growth in the insect protein sector throughout Europe.

This innovative partnership combines MHP’s feed production proficiency and infrastructure with our technological innovation, insect rearing expertise and zero waste commitment. The commercial feed product is standardised specifically for the growth of Black Soldier Fly larvae, the most predominant insect species utilised in protein production. Available across Europe, this feed primarily contains agricultural by-products/organic waste inherent in MHP’s regular agricultural production, ensuring a feed with low emissions. The standardised formulation guarantees consistent outcomes in nurturing Black Soldier Fly larvae to maturity. It is also designed with the “farming as a service” concept in mind, to be user friendly, enhancing accessibility for newcomers in the industry, offering a ready-to-use dry feed requiring only water addition before usage. Pre-orders are open here, with distribution scheduled for 2024.

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