Livin Farms partners with Weda

We are delighted to share that we have partnered up with Weda, the world leader in liquid feeding systems. The WEDA liquid feeding system adapted for insect breeding originally comes from pig feeding. It has proven itself there for decades and is modularly scalable. The system allows the use of very different substrates and can be set to individual mixing temperatures. Furthermore, maximum hygiene is maintained at all times, since the proven cleaning and rinsing process can be used with the WEDA dosing.

Our customized dosing system from WEDA consists of two mixing containers in which our feed for the larvae will alternately be mixed and dosed out via the Intrix dosing station. The WEDA components will be integrated into our demonstrator site in Vienna for our own production and trial purposes.

With the WEDA system, the substrate is mixed, prepared, and fed. “The Intrix system doses an amount of six tons of feed per day. In addition, Weda will implement another container for small amounts of feed that will be used for our Bio feasibility customers.

By using WEDA technologies, we are expanding our insect breeding systems with another important component and we can now use this system on a larger scale and for a large number of feed recipes.

This will enable us to ensure insect feeding for our customers around the world.

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