Livin Farms partners with Kusters Engineering

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Royal Dutch Kusters, an engineering company offering innovative separation technology. 

Our Hive Pro technology enables various substrates from bakery waste, to fruits and vegetables to be transformed into feed for the black soldier fly larvae. Due to the various content of the substrates we use, the moisture content in the frass can generally vary between 50 to 60%, therefore making the separation process much more complicated. 

However, with the innovative separation solution of Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering, the Rotoshifter helps us separate larvae from frass, with an impressive purity level of 97.5%.  Indeed, their technology now merged two established separation methods into a single solution. The system now separates larvae from the frass, ensuring the highest quality. Not only the technology of Kuster helps us separate the frass from the moist but it also dries the frass by 5%, which saves energy in the production process. 

With this technology in our portfolio, Livin Farms and Kusters Engineering will not only be able to deliver high-quality larvae to our customers, and scale up our productions and operations but also will drive a positive change and create a more sustainable future together.

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