What is a Bio feasibility?

Insect Factory

Do you want to turn your industrial food waste into profit through insect farming?

Well, if you said yes, the first step in this journey is to analyze the quality of the available substrates, also called Bio Feasibility. 

Our customers are invited to send us their industrial food waste to our processing facility in Vienna, Austria. After the arrival of the substrates, the following steps will be conducted by our experts from the bio team. 

  1. In stage one, we assess the substrate for its physical properties. 
  2. In stage two, we formulate different feed recipes using your ingredients. These are then tested at the lab scale for selecting the feed with maximum bioconversion while optimizing rearing parameters such as rearing duration along with ensuring the quality of end products. 
  3. In stage three, the selected feed is tested at an industrial scale to optimize the rearing process for industrial scale-up. This is carried out in our rearing facility in our factory in Vienna. Stage 3 is followed by the processing and quality check of the end products in their final form i.e protein powder, extracted lipids, and pelletized frass. The end products are also sent to a certified laboratory to obtain final datasheets on the products obtained at an industrial scale. 

The feed feasibility takes about three months. After this period, we can deliver the results to the customers and make them the offer and recommendations that will best suit their needs and substrates.

Get in touch with our sales team and book your Bio feasibility assessment here.

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