Insect-based pet food is tomorrow’s solution!

Larvae protein powder

Many factors argue in favor of significant development in the world consumption of insects over the next few years, in particular, because of their nutritional and environmental interests.

For several decades, we have been facing a gradual depletion of the planet’s resources while our numbers have only increased. We must then, as humans, find new ideas to properly feed an ever-growing population. 

Meat production is very greedy in resources (water and food for the animals to be raised) which are already limited. The question of animal welfare also arises when we seek to produce even more. With a constantly increasing population, the demand for meat for food is exploding and is therefore very problematic for our planet.

An alternative solution to the intake of traditional animal proteins for dogs and cats is therefore the intake of insect proteins. They seem like a good solution, as insects are high in protein and fat and significantly require fewer resources to produce than traditional pet food.

Black soldier fly larvae make very rich treats for cats and dogs. The proteins contained in insects are just as digestible as proteins of conventional animal origin, sometimes even more. There is therefore no contraindication to insects replacing meat and fish as the main source of protein in their feed. Insect larvae are also rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as omega 3 (lipids), various minerals (iron, magnesium, selenium, zinc, etc.), and vitamins including vitamin B.

Insect-based pet food, if well formulated, will meet the nutritional needs of our dogs and cats with good quality ingredients and highly digestible proteins.

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Dog’s Love, Pet Good, Yora pets

Larvae protein powder

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