WURMGOLD, Insect fertilizer

WURMGOLD consists of 100% of the excretions of insect larvae that have been sustainably bred on organic food waste. 

Why use organic insect fertilizer?

The nitrogen in WURMGOLD is organically bound and is readily available to the plants.

Insect fertilizer is an immune boost for your plants. In fact, the natural bacteria in the insect gut make the existing nutrients much more available to the plant. Microorganisms and nutrients strengthen the stems and stimulate root growth

Insect fertilizer offers a protection layer against fungi and pests. The shell of our insects consists of chitin, which also ends up in the fertilizer. Studies show that the presence of chitin has a positive impact on plant resistance to fungal and pest infestation. The plants become more vital and resilient.

Last but not least, insect fertilizer helps your plants bloom. The increased phosphorus content promotes the flowering of plants and vegetables. 


– Allowed for organic farming

– Shelf life is approximately 1 year

– 3.4% total nitrogen

– 5.0% total phosphate

– 2.4% Total Potassium Oxide

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