Black Soldier Fly: Solution for our future needs in proteins

LIVIN farms larvae powder protein

While the number of inhabitants on the planet and the demand for protein continue to grow, insects are considered, in particular by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), as a resource of the future for human food as well as for farmed animals.

Insect proteins are considered a new solution to meet the additional demand for protein-linked, among other things, to the increase in the world population. Production, close to 0 in Europe today, could thus exceed one million tonnes by 2030.

At the same time, regulatory barriers are gradually being lifted regarding the use of insect proteins for animal feed: first authorised for pets, it was authorised for aquaculture three years ago by the European Union.

Compared to vegetable proteins (soya for example), the space and water requirements are considerably reduced to produce the same quantity of protein. Another important factor in producing insect proteins is the process of the circular economy, in fact, the insects are fed from organic waste from the agri-food industry, which makes it possible to dispose of waste. Finally, from the insect, it is not only proteins that are produced, but also oil for livestock or even fertiliser for the agricultural sector. 

LIVIN farms larvae powder protein

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